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Amazing detail on the marsh as well as the hydra. The mage ponies add a sense of depth and perspective that help make this picture come...

I don't usually like OCs to be honest, but this one strikes me as..... well, honest. What I enjoy most is that the whole thing gives me...




Rainbow Dash Run Cycle
Here's that same animation cycle I uploaded earlier, this time with RD. Sorry, but I forgot the tail (or I was too lazy)...

I might do something with this...

Also, Hasbro is owned by MLP or something. I'm too tired to get it right.
pony run cycle
so, I'm still doing stuff.

I just figured that I'd upload something seeing has it's been a while since my last upload.

MLP is a Hasbro thing and don't sue me and whatever...

I hope you guys enjoy this little piece I made.
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Happy New Year, everybody!!

So, I've been working on alot of things, and one of the fruits of my labor has been this weird thing, likely a result of sleep deprivation:

I'm sorry that I haven't been proactive on releasing new pieces and updates. I've made alot of promises that I intend to keep, so I hope you guys bear with me. I've been watching alot of people take off with their work and it's inspired me immensely in my own endeavors. I hope to see you all doing what you're great at, and I'll try to show you what I'm good at (well, what I hope I'm good at).

Best of luck, all.



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Sooooooooooo, this is my Brony-file (by the way, file is an anagram for 'life').
Everything pony here so as not to distract from my other profile: :icont-manaitorofn00bs:.


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